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How Does a Butterfly Buckle Latch Work?

A butterfly buckle latch is a type of mechanical fastener that is used to secure a door or other object in place. It consists of a metal plate with a handle, which is attached to a spring-loaded mechanism.

A butterfly buckle latch typically consists of a handle, a latch body, and a spring-loaded mechanism. The handle is attached to the latch body and is used to rotate the latch. The latch body is connected to a metal plate that sits against the door or other object to be secured.

When the handle is turned, it pushes the spring-loaded mechanism, which in turn pushes the metal plate against the door or other object, locking it in place. To open the latch, the handle is turned in the opposite direction, releasing the spring-loaded mechanism and allowing the door or other object to be opened.

This plate is pushed against the door or object, securing it in place. The spring-loaded mechanism holds the metal plate in place, keeping the door or object secured.

It is commonly used on the doors of industrial and commercial buildings, as well as on equipment and machinery. Some butterfly buckle latches have a keyed lock mechanism for added security.