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How To Use Hand-Held Heavy Duty Can Opener

Using a hand-held heavy-duty can opener may seem a bit intimidating at first, but with a little bit of practice, you'll be able to open cans quickly and easily. Here are the steps to use a hand-held heavy-duty can opener:

Begin by locating the blade of the can opener. This is typically a circular blade with a serrated edge.

Place the circular blade of the can opener on the top of the can, near the edge.

With your dominant hand, grip the can opener firmly and twist the handle to engage the blade with the can.

Continue twisting the handle until the blade has cut all the way around the top of the can.

Once the blade has cut through the can, release the handle and lift the lid off of the can.

If there are any jagged edges left on the can, you can use the can opener's built-in mini-pliers to remove them.

Discard the lid and the contents of the can as desired.

Note: Always use caution when handling sharp objects like can openers, and be sure to wash the can opener thoroughly after each use to prevent contamination.